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My Story

As a kid I loved to collect rocks and I was always attracted to the shiny and unique ones. I was intrigued by fossils as well. When I was very little my Grandpa gave me a rock tumbler and made a few pendants with me.

Later in life I stumbled across a job restoring fossils and I excelled. Within 1 year I was running the shop and had my own crew. I had found my calling.

Eventually I became self employed and I taught myself how to cut and polish Ammolite gemstones. I fully immersed myself in the world of Ammolite, doing everything from the ground up; mining, gem cutting, polishing, silversmithing, goldsmithing and wire wrapping. Now I am focused primarily on the gem cutting aspect and jewelry design. Retailers consistently tell me that my workmanship is the best they have ever seen.