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About Ammolite

Ammolite is a fossil as well as a gemstone!

Ammolite is a rare gemstone formed from the fossilized / mineralized shell of the Ammonite. This amazing occurrence is only found in one small area of southern Alberta, Canada.

Ammolite is an opal like gemstone, each gem is unique and may display up to as many as 7 different colours. Possessing all the colours of the rainbow some ammolite may even change colour with a chromatic shift effect.

Ammolite possessing the full rainbow spectrum primarily red green and blue is considered the highest quality, and the rarest. Hues of blue and purple are the most uncommon of the colours, therefore highly sought after.

Ammolite has an amazing history.

Before europeans came to North America ammolite was collected by first nations and was considered to be a sacred stone of good luck or good fortune possessing great power. Stories have been passed down through the generations of how Ammolite had once saved the tribe from starvation by bringing the buffalo back to the lands. The first nations named the stone Iniskim (buffalo stone) it is still treasured and used today in ceremonial practices.

Discovered by Gemstone communities and mining companies it has become a highly sought after gemstone and is arguably one of the rarest gemstones on earth with a limited supply. It is derived from the shells of 70 million year old ammonite fossils which have mineralized, therefore replacing the original nacre or shell with primarily aragonite, as well as several other minerals. It has kept its original shell formation consisting of many layers. These layers of fossilized gem shell refract light creating several different colours we now get to appreciate.

Fengshui and Energy:
Ammolite can boast up to 7 different colours and display different patterns. Some Ammolite Even changes colour possessing a chromatic effect. Each colour is said to affect us in different positive ways. Ammolite can have different shades of these colours, and or mixes of all these colours. It has been said to be the most well balanced and powerful gemstone by fengshui masters, partly due to its full colour spectrum. Every colour represents a different chakra!

Reds: Luck, growth, energy, love.
Oranges: Creativity.
Yellows: wealth.
Greens: Growth, fertility, business wisdom and intellect.
Blues: Peace, health
Indigo: Peace
Violet: Growth

Ammolite is a prized gemstone among collectors and jewellery lovers alike. It is considered an investment, and can be passed down through the generations as an heirloom.

Wear it with pride!

My Story

As a kid I loved to collect rocks and I was always attracted to the shiny and unique ones. I was intrigued by fossils as well. When I was very little my Grandpa gave me a rock tumbler and made a few pendants with me.

Later in life I stumbled across a job restoring fossils and I excelled. Within 1 year I was running the shop and had my own crew. I had found my calling.

Eventually I became self employed and I taught myself how to cut and polish Ammolite gemstones. I fully immersed myself in the world of Ammolite, doing everything from the ground up; mining, gem cutting, polishing, silversmithing, goldsmithing and wire wrapping. Now I am focused primarily on the gem cutting aspect and jewelry design. Retailers consistently tell me that my workmanship is the best they have ever seen.