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We opened a store featuring all kinds of other Rocks, Gemstones, Jewellery, Fossils, & Crystals!


As experts in the field of gemstones, we are thrilled to introduce you to the fascinating world of rare and precious rocks. At our Rock and Gem Store, we offer a wide variety of exquisite gemstones, including the mesmerizing Canadian Ammolite. While our specialty lies in Ammolite, we also have an additional website where you can explore a diverse range of gemstones.

Our collection of rare Canadian Ammolite gemstones is truly one-of-a-kind. The Ammolite pendant, with its captivating beauty and unique rainbow-colored patterns, is a top-selling item that never fails to impress. Crafted with utmost precision and care, each pendant showcases the natural brilliance and spiritual properties of Ammolite.

For those seeking a more versatile option, our beautiful Ammolite cabochon is the perfect choice. With its vibrant colors and smooth surface, this gemstone can be used in various jewelry designs or even displayed as a standalone piece. The versatility of Ammolite makes it a highly sought-after gemstone among collectors and enthusiasts.

While Ammolite is renowned for its aesthetic appeal, it is also revered for its spiritual properties. These gemstones are believed to possess unique energy that promotes balance and harmony in one's life. Many individuals find solace and tranquility when wearing or meditating with Ammolite, making it a truly powerful and well-balanced gemstone.

At our Rock and Gem Store, we take pride in offering handcrafted gemstones that are not only visually stunning but also hold immense value in terms of their rarity and significance. Our team of experts carefully selects each gemstone, ensuring that it meets our strict quality standards.

While Ammolite is our specialty, we understand that some individuals may have different preferences when it comes to gemstones. That's why we have created an additional website where you can explore a wide range of other gemstones. Whether you're looking for a classic diamond, a vibrant ruby, or a serene sapphire, our other website has something for everyone.

Thank you for visiting our website and exploring the world of rare gemstones. We hope that you find the perfect gemstone that resonates with your unique style and preferences. If you have any questions or need assistance, our knowledgeable team is always here to help.